Save the planet and do good: Why you should buy local

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Save the planet and do good: Why you should buy local

In an era of globalised commerce, it can be easy to forget to shop local, as it’s quick to purchase gifts online, and easy to overlook small, nearby (and potentially more expensive) businesses. 

But have you thought much about where your online shopping is coming from?

That cheap purchase from eBay, Amazon or even Kmart is being shipped from miles away, increasing emissions and being imported from countries that don’t have healthy working conditions.

Many of the big department stores are quick at replicating the funky and innovative designs being lovingly handmade by our small artisans - often before these little businesses have a chance to trademark their products. 

This means the larger businesses are able to replicate and copy these items on a mass scale, often for a fraction of the price using unethical labour practises.

And so while you might feel pleased that you grabbed that ‘bargain’ for a fraction of the price you saw the original product for, it pays to think about the damage that is being done through these often unregulated and unethical business practices.

But, we’re not here to guilt trip you - we’re all guilty of buying products without thinking about their origin at some point or another. 

We’re here to create awareness. As consumers, we have power over our purchases and can choose to shop sustainably and support local. 

By championing businesses like Made West, we have the power to strengthen our communities, nurture sustainable practices, and discover the extraordinary treasures right in our own backyard. 

It’s something I, as the founder of Made West, feel super strongly about which is why I created this online store in the first place.

Handcrafted Honey Pot

Shop local and foster community connections

Supporting local businesses like Made West creates a profound sense of community. These enterprises are often run by our neighbours, friends, or family members, and they rely on local support to thrive. 

By investing in them, we contribute to the wellbeing of these communities - appreciating them for their creativity and originality, and ensuring their little businesses don’t simply survive but thrive.

If we want to continue to see locally owned and run stores and products, rather than the bland chain shops which are the same in every large shopping centre, it’s important to continue to support the small guys.

Local businesses are essential pillars of the community, shaping its identity, culture and character.

Made West market set up

Buy local for improved economics in your community

When you choose to purchase from Made West, you are directly contributing to the local economy. All of our products are sourced and made in WA, meaning you’e keeping your money within our state. 

By supporting local businesses, you’re helping to generate employment opportunities, which in turn leads to increased income circulation within the community. This economic growth has a multiplier effect, fostering prosperity and enhancing the overall quality of life for locals. By opting for Made West products, you're investing in the future of Western Australia.

Shop local and foster community connections

Supporting local businesses often aligns with sustainable practices. Local producers, such as those featured on the Made West website, tend to emphasise eco-friendly approaches, minimising transportation-related carbon emissions. 

When you purchase gifts and products from Made West, it means you’re not harming the environment by freighting products across the world. By reducing the distance travelled from production to consumer, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. 

Additionally, our local businesses often prioritise sustainable sourcing, ethical manufacturing, and waste reduction, making them valuable allies in our collective fight against climate change.

Ready to shop local? Here’s where to start

Made West offers a diverse range of exceptional products, showcasing the best Australian gifts.

You’re bound to find a sustainable, ethically-sourced gift on our website - something your friends or family will treasure.

Some of our favourite gifts include these artisan jarrah bowls, made from the Western Australian native hardwood and adding a touch of elegance and natural beauty to any home.

Another of our popular items is our natural body creams and sunscreens that are made right here in WA, and are gentle on the skin.

And you can’t go past the delicious pantry items - perfect for filling your gift hamper with. From spiced nuts, to antipasto and truffle oil, our gourmet food range will delight your foodie friends.


Shop local, shop smart

By supporting local businesses like Made West, we forge meaningful connections, fuel economic growth, and champion sustainability. 

Let's embrace the power of ‘buy local’ and celebrate the best Australian gifts that are bound to put a smile on the face of the people you love the most.

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