Corporate gift ideas to celebrate the end of the financial year

Written by: Carmen Allan-Petale



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The end of the financial year is the ideal moment to show your customers just how much you appreciate them with thoughtful corporate gifts. 

And of course, what you buy from Made West is tax deductible under Australian Tax Office (ATO) rules, which means that by purchasing a corporate gift you can support local businesses in your community, while reducing your tax bill.

Locally-made corporate gift ideas in Perth for local businesses

Impress your clients by sending them a corporate gift box that is carefully curated from only the finest WA products.

Our collection of locally made items allows you to create a unique gift box that caters to your recipient's tastes and preferences. From homewares and body products to accessories and children's items, we have a diverse range to choose from.

The benefits of gift giving towards building stronger client relationships

But it's not just about the tax benefits and supporting local businesses - client gift giving can also help you build stronger business relationships.

Research has shown that giving a client a present provides an immediate emotional connection, and that good deeds can lead to increased activity in the area of the brain connected to happiness.

Giving a client a gift can leave them feeling motivated, encouraged, and valued by your brand, meaning they will be more likely to continue working with you in the future.

Additionally, clients are more likely to speak highly of you on and offline to other potential clients which can lead to more business. (We’ve all seen those Instagram stories featuring a gift someone’s just received!)

Corporate Gift Ideas

Struggling with what client gift to buy?

If searching corporate gift ideas isn’t your favourite pastime, and you’re uncertain about which item your client would like the most, take a moment to think about their business’s brand to help you personalise the gift.

To better understand their business take a close look at the 12 different brand archetypes, which are built on the 12 major personality types seen throughout history, to guide you.

Tapping into the brand ‘personality’ of your client’s business could be the best way to find a suitable gift.

For example, if their brand is The Creator archetype it means their business is creative - think Lego, Crayola, Canon and Adobe. The perfect gift for this brand personality could be a brightly coloured neoprene picnic blanket featuring designs created by a local artist.


Or if their brand is more aligned with The Sage archetype, a personality that values understanding and seeks wisdom, then perhaps affirmation cards might be the right fit. (Sage brands include Google, Oprah Winfrey and Harvard University.)

Corporate Gift Ideas
Purchase perfect corporate gifts in Perth

To treat your favourite clients, you might want to purchase them a larger corporate gift, so head on over to the gift boxes section of our website and buy a pre-curated box.

Or if you’d rather personalise a gift box, simply select the different items you’d like and we can put them together for you.

At Made West, we like to go the extra mile for our clients too, giving you the option to include branded colours and logos into the packaging of your corporate gift box.


This could include adding promotional products into the box, printing branded ribbon, or sourcing other specialised items to include as gifts. If you want this curated experience, reach out to Shannan today and send in your request.

Whoever your client and whatever gift you feel they’ll love, get in touch with us today and see how we can help you make your customers smile.

Corporate gift ideas