Shower/Travel Tin

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This shower and travel tin, with drainage insert, has been custom designed to protect your St James Supply Co shampoo and conditioner bars in the shower. The lid keeps the shower spray off them and the drainage insert lets any moisture drain away to keep your shampoo bar from getting soggy. It gives you the freedom to take your shampoo and conditioner bars with you wherever you’re headed, whether it be the gym, the beach or a weekender away. The tins are made from 100% aluminium so they will never rust, unlike standard tinplate tins.

Tip – You’ll get best performance from your shampoo if you allow it to dry out in some fresh air between washes- try leaving the open tin near an open window to catch the breeze.

  • Made from 100% aluminium
  • Includes drainage insert
  • Perfect to take your hair care wherever you go, gym, work, holidays, home, etc.
  • Stops your bar from getting soggy
  • Designed to be used with the St James Supply Co shampoo and conditioner bars
  • Designed and made in Western Australia

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