Kookaburra Tea Towel

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These printed tea towels depict images of Australian birds, plants and scenes from the natural and the built environment. They make ideal gifts or souvenirs, and are easy to pack or post. These distinctive images can be used as gifts, for framing or simply to dry the dishes.

The blue-winged kookaburra is a large species of kingfisher occurring throughout Australia, and originally was only found as far south on the Western Australian coast as the Shark Bay area. They are cooperative breeders, with a group being made up of a breeding pair and one or more helper birds from earlier broods who help raise the young.

  • Made from 100% linen – Linen is made from flax, a crop that grows with natural rainfall and requires minimal fertiliser or pesticide use. Linen fabric is very durable and is also excellent to print on.
  • Hand screen-printed textiles are unique creations and as a result may have some minor imperfections.
  • Measures approximately 50 x 70 cm
  • Designed and hand printed in Fremantle, WA

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