Can a Quokka Quack?

Jolly Read Media

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Can a Quokka Quack is a fantastic children’s book containing a mix of fact and fiction written with rhyme. The author, Jolly Read, has produced this delightful children’s story along with fellow Fremantle artist Natasha Lee who has completed the amazing illustrations. Written for children up to 9 years old, although like many other books it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Can a Quokka Quack is a truly beautiful West Australian story about one of WA’s native animals.

  • This book contains no plastic lamination on the cover or pages and has been printed with vegetable dye inks, making it 100% recyclable.
  • The perfect children’s gift to send overseas
  • Great story for teaching phonics, rhyme, alliteration and other literary elements. Ideal for early childhood teachers.
  • Written, illustrated and printed in Fremantle, Western Australia

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