Gentleman’s Trio Pack


A ripper gift pack for your favourite bloke, filled with Ogilvie & Co’s favourite manly condiments, including:

  • Gentleman’s Relish 115ml
  • Brewer’s Stout Mustard 120g
  • Swagman’s Red Chilli Jam 140g

Original Heat Jerky


Premium Australian beef, OCD’s classic marinade and a blend of exotic Thai chillies resulting in a perfect heat and flavour balance. 

These particular strains of chilli were selected for their mild heat and full flavour. One variety is particularly fruity with a fresh spring feel, the other is sun ripened with rich earthy full flavours. The two together create a perfect sweet heat glow with just enough edge that makes you wanting more.

The perfect ratio compliments delicate beef in a robust marinade. When it comes out of the packet it looks fresh off the oven.

How hot is it?

Not too hot but enough to create that sensation we crave. We rate it on a heat scale of 4/10. Even if your not a chilli fan we highly recommend you try it. With encouragement, many of those that are not fans of chilli try the “Original Heat” and it turns out to be their favourite flavour!

Double Black Jerky


A rich and smooth balanced character, appreciate our masters blend of Australian beef in a deep marinade with Americas finest hickory smoke. 

Rhubarb & Ginger Jam


Rhubarb and ginger jam (250gm) ingredient list includes rhubarb, sugar, ginger and lemon juice. Paddock 2 Produce create quality gourmet essentials. Try them out today.

Zucchini & Mustard Pickle


Zucchini and Yellow Mustard Seed Pickle (250gm) ingredient list includes zucchini, white wine vinegar, sugar, onion, mustard seeds and turmeric. Paddock 2 Produce create quality gourmet essentials. Try them out today.

Spicy Tomato Kasundi


Spicy Tomato Kasundi (250g) Ingredients include tomato, vinegar, sugar, olive oil, ginger, garlic, chilli and spices. We create quality gourmet essentials, there’s something for everyone.

Gourmet Wine Crackers


The unmistakable richness and unique flavours in blue cheese combined with the earthy flavours of local black winter truffles make for a truly gourmet flavour experience. Blue cheese in crumbled on top of the crackers prior to baking and the truffle is mixed into the cracker base, creating a rich flavour profile which continues to build with every bite.

Margaret River Crackers are hand crafted in the beautiful Margaret River Region. This region being made famous for its wine and fresh produce, ingredients are sourced from local producers including fresh herbs, olive oils, garlic, truffles and artisan cheeses. The result being a cracker with lifted flavours and aromas unlike any other. Offering the perfect pairing with the natural flavours and aromas of wine, cheese and fresh dips.

  • Blue Cheese & Manjimup Truffle Crackers
  • West Australian Blue Cheese & Great Southern Black Truffle
  • 110g packet
  • No preservatives
  • Pair with your selection of Wine, Cheese & fresh Dips
  • Hancrafted in Perth, WA


Garlic Nibbles


Garlic Nibbles  – Perfect accompaniment for any one of Ogilvie & Co’s savoury products and your favourite cheeses and antipasto – Available in 50g and 125g packs.

Caramels, Perth Gifts, Perth Hamper, Made in Western Australia, Handmade Caramels

Sun Kissed Caramels


Smooth, chewy and delicious with a sprinkle of sea salt flakes kissing each caramel’s surface. Perfect for salted caramel lovers. Each bag contains 150g, and is resealable and stand up for your convenience.

Cranberry & Pistachio


Margaret River made, French inspired, award winning nougat created by hand, a perfect combination of sweet tart cranberries and lightly roasted pistachios. Available in a 100g bar.

Big Freckle


The Big Freckle (250g) – Whistlers biggest chocolate freckle, so plenty to share, well maybe…  Available in milk chocolate

Peanut Brittle Chocolate Tub


Nothing better than indulging in the ever popular Whistlers range of milk chocolate goodies, definitely something for everyone. Perfect sized chocolate packs for movie night, or just to have as your own secret stash. Lots of chocolate coated goodness, including peanut brittle(250g).


Traditional Butterscotch


Delightful buttery candy rock just how you would imagine, using an old fashioned recipe.  Certainly a favourite for kids and adults alike. This traditional handmade favourite features the creamy taste of rich butterscotch. Contains GLUTEN from wheat and dairy.

Chocolate Liqueur Sauce


We think you would agree that this Chocolate Liqueur sauce is pure heaven in a jar! So many uses including poured over a Christmas pudding, to make a decadent hot chocolate or to dip fruit for a semi-healthy dessert.

Salted Caramel Fudge, Gift Box, Perth Gift Box, Perth Hampers, Fudge

Salted Caramel Fudge


Salted Caramel is the hottest flavour in town right now! This traditional English (sometimes also called Scottish or Russian) fudge recipe lovingly made with a touch of sea salt flakes added during the cooking process… Heaven! This is by far our most popular fudge. Net weight 75g.

Macadamia Fudge, Gift Box, Made in Western Australia, Perth Gifts, Perth Hamper

Macadamia Fudge


Dreamy Australian macadamia nuts give this fudge a delicate, irresistible flavour. Net weight 75g.