Made West was developed as a passion project to showcase some of Australia’s amazing talent. We are inspired by skilful artisans that create quality made products in Australia’s west. We feel it is important to support what we have around us and share in the achievements of those with artistic and creative flair. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world, we want to immerse ourselves in everything it has to offer.

We look for exceptional quality, beautifully designed, original pieces that have loads of character and a story behind them. It’s important to celebrate what is around us, including Australia’s amazing produce, creative talents and quality materials.

Our mission is to work with highly esteemed creatives, from all over the state, that physically make their own ethically produced products within Western Australia. All the products you find on this website will have been created out of pure joy, hard work and talented hands. Whether it be in a quiet studio in Fremantle, or out the back of a workshop near Margaret River you know it has been made by a talented artisan wanting to achieve something special.

Our hope in creating this shop is to support local, reduce our carbon footprint, encourage creatives, build awareness, inspire everyone and spread the love and passion we have for Australia. We hope to encourage you to enjoy the amazing pieces and products on this website and help us celebrate what we are so fortunate to have.


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